Original Voice Coaching

The Gods kindly offer us the first verse. What is difficult is to write the next ones... 

- Paul Valery

Welcome to Original Voice Coaching

Professional support and skills for artists of all levels


Ever felt stuck, stale or overwhelmed? 

Art is communication. From the solitary world of a painter in her studio to the collaborative world of a musician in a band, if you're an artist, chances are at some point you need a conversation about your work. Sometimes, bouncing your ideas off someone you trust is all you need. Maybe you need help acquiring a new skill. Perhaps it's consulting an experienced ear or an objective eye, or acquiring a missing piece of information.

Whatever your specific artistic need, Original Voice Coaching is here to help you make a plan so you can move forward.


Meet Trey Gunn.

Trey Gunn, a 50-year veteran of the craft of music, has 12 acclaimed solo records to his name.  Playing his unusual touch guitar, he is known for touring and/or recording with King Crimson, David Sylvian, Robert FrippVernon ReidBrian EnoJohn Paul Jones, Steven Wilson, TOOLMaynard J. Keenan's Puscifer and his own groups TU, KTU, Quodia and The Security Project.

Trey Gunn is an extraordinary and visionary musician. His musical understanding, skill, expressiveness and creative courage are a beacon to forward-thinking musicians everywhere.
— Michael Manring

Is Original Voice Coaching for me?

Great question! To find out the answer, see if any of these resonate:

  • Do you have a toolbox of your unique vocabulary ready at hand for every project you are working on?
  • Do you have a lot of technical skill but don’t like what you are playing?
  • When you look at your creative work do you see things that no other person on the planet could have made?

Chances are you've encountered challenges like these at some point. So has any professional athlete. How do the pros move up to the next level? They hire a personal coach!

Every professional Olympian and every opera singer has a personal coach. Shouldn't you have the same?

Think about it.

What if you had a seasoned professional coach who had your back? 

Someone to listen, work with you to evaluate your needs, then construct a plan to help you structure your time and maximize your efforts.

Someone deeply versed in the creation and performance of original work as well as the mechanics and art of coaching to guide you surely toward your goal. 


Trey quickly grasped what I was struggling with and gave me practical, realistic and doable advice.
— Steve Williams (guitarist/producer)
Trey pulled results from me that were true to my own personal vision, but far beyond anything I would have foreseen.
— John Stewart (drummer/composer)
It is rare you can have someone with this kind of background committed to helping you reaching your artistic goals.
— Stephane Daoust (singer/composer/producer)
Though you’re the one who is developing your vision, Trey guides you along the path that’s unique to you as an artist.
— Bob Kessler (composer/harmonica player)
I would recommend to any artist: spend time with Trey so you can further your musical journey.
— Gustavo Zecharies (Warr Guitarist/composer)
I have a headache.
— Buffy St. Marie

Are you clear about the WHY of your musical pursuits? I believe this is the first question to ask. If you have a clear WHY, then all the multitude of choices become crystal clear. 
— Trey Gunn