Coaching Courses for 2019

Intro To Modes

This, highly successful, course ran in 2018. It runs again beginning October 14, 2019.

Work directly with Trey Gunn on a weekly basis in this 9-week group course.

We break down one of the basic building blocks of music — the modes — into digestible parts, both sonically and theoretically, so you can use them with ease. For all instrumentalists and singers. 

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Workshop with Nik Bärtsch

Seattle, WA, March 16-17, 2019

Trey will be co-hosting this workshop with ECM recording artist Nik Bärtsch. Nik’s specialized rhythmic and body work is a perfect interface with Trey’s musical approaches, both melodic and rhythmic. Both are Aikido Black Belts. Nik and Trey are joined by Steve Ball and Daniel Reyes Llinas of Tiny Orchestral Moment.

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Touch Guitar Workshop

Seattle, WA, June 9-15, 2019

Markus Reuter and Trey Gunn will be bring the Touch Guitar Circle work to Seattle in this week-long intensive for all “tapping” instrumentalists.

Guitarists, bass players, Stick players, Warr Guitarists, touch guitarists of ANY type, and ANY level are welcome and encouraged to participate and take their playing to the next level.

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