Original Voice Coaching

The Gods kindly offer us the first verse. What is difficult is to write the next ones... 

- Paul Valery


Welcome to Original Voice Coaching

Professional support and skills for artists of all levels


Creativity is a challenging force to engage. 

Especially when you won't settle for anything less than your personal vision.

Whether you're a seasoned, professional artist or a part-time creator, questions and frustrations inevitably arise. See if these resonate:


Does the variety of online tutorials overwhelm you? Do you question whether they can really serve you?


Do you have a lot of technical skill but don’t like what you're making?


Do you have a toolbox of your unique vocabulary ready at hand?


Do you find yourself generating the same kind of material over and over again?


When you look at your creative work do you see things that no other person on the planet could have made?


Is Original Voice Coaching right for me?

If any of the above scenarios resonate, you're not alone. In fact, I've experienced them all. Making original work is not an easy road, but if you're a professional artist or a serious part-time creator who is committed to the ride, I'm here for you.

The solution to all of the above problems begins with another, fundamental question: 

Are you clear about the WHY of your creative pursuits?

If you've made it this far, congratulations! This is the big, scary question that lies at the root of all the answers. When you're willing to take it on, the choices become clear:

  • Which skills you need and which ones you can ignore

  • How to digest the material you admire

  • Where to look for inspiration within yourself

  • How to optimize your time for maximum productivity

As your personal coach, I am here for you every step of the way. I will ask you some tough questions. But that's how we'll get to the good stuff. Are you in?

Let's go!


Trey pulled results from me that were true to my own personal vision, but far beyond anything I would have foreseen.
— John Stewart (drummer/composer)
Trey quickly grasped what I was struggling with and gave me practical, realistic and doable advice.
— Steve Williams (guitarist/producer)
Trey Gunn is an extraordinary and visionary musician. His musical understanding, skill, expressiveness and creative courage are a beacon to forward-thinking musicians everywhere.
— - Michael Manring
I have a headache.
— Buffy St. Marie